The product

Monivent Neo

Monivent Neo100 is a monitoring device supporting safe and effective ventilation of newborns in need of respiratory support at birth. It is an add-on to existing ventilation equipment and has minimal impact on clinical routines. It provides wireless and continuous feedback on the volumes of air given to the baby by caregivers using a T-piece or a bag resuscitator.

The airflow is measured directly in the face mask and feedback on the ventilation parameters is displayed numerically and graphically in real-time on the external monitor. For quick guidance to the caregiver the expired tidal volume is indicated with color to show if the volume of air given is within the desired range. For maximum user-friendliness the same color is displayed also by the LED light on the sensor module attached to the mask.
The Monivent Neo100 gives feedback on:
• expiratory tidal volume
• peak inspiratory pressure
• positive end expiratory pressure
• mask leakage
• ventilation rate

Monivent Neo100 supports caregivers in achieving safe and effective ventilation of newborns and adds security for healthcare staff, patients and their parents.

Monivent Neo100 is currently under development.
Monivent Neo Training is already available as a tool to improve simulated ventilation training on manikin by providing continuous feedback on the same ventilation parameters. View the product video for more information.