Exhibition at Research Symposium in Dresden

Posted: 09 Feb 2016

On 10-11 March 2016 a research symposium on Asphyxia, Hypothermia and Delivery Room Management will be held at the Technical University in Dresden, Germany. Monivent took part already last year, exhibiting our prototype and having the participants try it out for themselves in a workshop setting.

This year, Monivent will demonstrate the latest technical development and product improvements in both our exhibition booth as well as in an interactive workshop. You will get the opportunity to get hands-on experience from what it's like to ventilate a manikin with continuous feedback on several ventilation parameters, using a standard ventilation device and Monivent's face mask with integrated and wireless flow measurement. Make sure to sign up for our workshop when registering for the event if you plan to attend.

The Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus at the Technische Universität Dresden arranges an annual symposium on highly relevant topics concerning the neonate. Read more about the neonatal research group in Dresden here.